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Russell HollyAug. 25, 2014 1:39 pmWhich is better: Nerf or BoomCo?

Whether you’re equipping an office for staff-wide warfare every Friday afternoon or looking for the next great dart shooter for your kids, you’ll notice?that there’s no shortage of options at your local toy store you. Setting aside the budget toys and those little disc shooters that are never as awesome as you think they’re going to be, your options boil down to one of two brands. The question you have to answer — knowing full well that once you have answered this question with money there’s no turning back — is whether to stick with the Nerf blasters or take a chance on Mattel’s new BoomCo weaponry.

Nerf?and BoomCo blasters have a number of things in common. They are mostly harmless, a ton of fun, and relatively inexpensive when considering?the base models. The blasters themselves are both futuristic plastic shells for a basic air propellant system. You pull the trigger, and a rush of air pushes the dart out of the chamber and hurtling toward whoever you decide is in need of a little excitement. Nerf has been around for a lot longer, so the sheer number of blasters you can get dramatically outpaces BoomCo, but don’t let that stop you from appreciating just how impressive each of Mattel’s 10 blasters are. From the built-in shields to the fact that none of the BoomCo blasters require batteries, Mattel has clearly placed focus on delivering a new experience. It may just be because they are the new guys, but its hard not to be impressed by the BoomCo hardware.

Perhaps more importantly than the weapons themselves are the darts they fire. Everyone knows what a Nerf dart looks like: the iconic hollow foam shaft tipped with either a suction cup or a rubberized tip that may or may not whistle as it flies through the air. The darts are great, and last for a while as long as they aren’t stepped on or chewed up by a pet. Once a Nerf dart is damaged, however, it never quite fires right again. BoomCo darts look very similar at first glance, but they are wildly different from Nerf’s offerings.

BoomCo darts are made of thin plastic shafts, topped with proprietary “Smart Stick” tips. These tips impact in a similar fashion to Nerf darts, unless they hit a BoomCo panel. These panels cause the darts to stick, which is why they are built into most of the blasters as shields. They feel fragile, but hold their shape incredibly well. When stepped on, the plastic darts can occasionally be reshaped, but their survival rate isn’t really much better than a Nerf dart.

Nerf’s age and ecosystem gives it?a unique advantage over just about anyone else in the space. The people who have been using Nerf hardware for a long time have figured out how to optimize their devices by modifying them. Sometimes these changes are simple, removing guides to reduce jamming or adjusting clips so they hold more darts. In more extreme cases, The innards have been replaced with more powerful fans powered by more capable batteries that increase the rate of fire and power. This means there are people out there who have detailed tutorials on how to take your safe-for-kids $40 blaster and turn it into a machine that encourages the people standing in the crosshairs to wear protective goggles.

This level of modification isn’t possible with BoomCo blasters, and whether or not that is a good thing is entirely up to you. The Mattel hardware relies entirely on pumped air, which means you’ll have to pump your tank back up just like you would in the middle of a water gun fight. The upside to this is that many of the larger BoomCo blasters have clips that are designed to fire all of the darts with a single pull of the trigger, emptying the air tank and sending upwards of 20 darts sailing towards your opponents. There’s never any batteries that need replacing, which also means the often obnoxiously loud motors found in some of the Nerf blasters are missing as well.

So, which is better? I think for anyone picking these up for kids or planning to play with kids, the BoomCo blasters are a better idea. The designs are fun, the “Smart Stick” tips are borderline magical, and the whole line of blasters are uniquely exciting. If you already have Nerf blasters, or you are very interested in modding your hardware for optimal office warfare, you should probably stick with Nerf. For everyone else out there, however, the BoomCo blasters are inexpensive and offer a great overall experience.



罗素hollyaug。25、2014 pmwhich 1:39更好:削弱或boomco?
你是否# 8217;再每星期五下午或寻找下一个伟大的射飞镖你孩子的员工广泛的作战装备的办公室,你会注意到# 8217;?这与# 8217;无缺在你当地的玩具店你。留出预算的玩具和那些小圆盘的射手,永远没有你认为他们# 8217棒;再将你的选择归结为一个品牌。你必须回答与# 8212问题;他完全知道,一旦你已经回答了这个问题#钱有8217;没有退路和# 8212;是否坚持练功放炮或以美泰和# 8217机会;新boomco武器。

< P >削弱?和boomco炮有一些共同的东西。他们大多是无害的,一吨的乐趣,而且比较便宜的考虑?基础模型。该炮本身都是未来塑料壳的基本空气推进系统。你扣动扳机,一股空气推动飞镖室出来,走向无论你决定在一个小的刺激需要。削弱已经在很长的时间,所以你可以得到大大超过boomco放炮的数量,但不# 8217;不要让这阻止你欣赏是多么的令人印象深刻的每个美泰# 8217;10炮。从内置的盾牌上的boomco放炮都不需要电池,美泰已经明确将专注于提供一个全新的体验。这可能是因为他们是新来的家伙,但很难不被boomco硬件印象深刻。

也许更重要的是比武器本身是飞镖他们火。每个人都知道一个nerf飞镖的样子:标志性的空心泡沫轴尖用吸盘或橡胶提示可能会或可能不会吹口哨就飞到空中。飞镖是伟大的,和最后一段时间,只要他们不与# 8217;T踩到或被宠物。一旦一个nerf省道受损,然而,它没有火好了。boomco飞镖乍看上去很相似,但他们是从削弱和# 8217完全不同;祭。

boomco飞镖是用薄塑料轴,加上专有的和# 8220;聪明的坚持与# 8221;提示。这些建议的影响以类似的方式来削弱飞镖,除非他们打boomco面板。这些面板使飞镖贴,这就是为什么他们是建立在大多数的放炮为盾牌。他们感觉很脆弱,但他们的形状令人难以置信的好。当踏上塑料飞镖,偶尔会改变,但他们的生存率也# 8217;T真的比软飞镖。

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削弱和# 8217;年龄和生态系统了吗?一个独特的优势,在其他人的空间。他们一直使用削弱硬件很长一段时间,人们已经想出了如何通过修改优化设备。有时这些变化是简单的,除去导游减少干扰或调节扣,他们持有更多的飞镖。在更极端的情况下,内部已与更强大的球迷更能增加消防电源电池供电的替代率。这意味着有人有详细的教程,如何把你的孩子的安全40美元霸和把它变成一个机器,鼓励人们站在十字戴护目镜。

这种级别的修改不是# 8217;不可能boomco放炮,和无论这是否是一件好事,完全取决于你。美泰硬件完全依赖注入空气,这意味着你# 8217;要抽你的坦克回来了,就像你在水枪战中。这样做的好处是,许多大boomco放炮有夹设计,火灾所有的飞镖与单扳机,排空空气罐送上20省道驶向你的对手。有# 8217;没有任何电池需要更换,这也意味着经常在一些人大声的马达的削弱放炮发现失踪一样。

所以,哪个更好?我想任何人采摘这些孩子或计划跟孩子们一起玩,这boomco放炮是一个更好的主意。设计的乐趣,在# 8220;聪明的坚持与# 8221;提示交界的神奇,和放炮的整线是唯一令人兴奋。如果你已经被放炮,或你的硬件优化办公战改装很感兴趣,你应该坚持削弱。每个人的存在,然而,这boomco放炮是廉价的,提供了一个很好的整体体验。